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Love is for the dreamers

Love is for the dreamers
Love is for the ones who cried without a reason …

1.When it comes about love
We are the ones who dream above.
If the magic may appear
It’s gone when the dreams disappear.

2.Love means to try your love to give
Even for the ones you can’t forgive…
Faith and hope to be the first
To make hate go in the mist!

3.It’s your turn to fly,
To try to touch the sky
It will open up for you
Just dare to tell the truth.

4.See the rainbow behind the clouds
Sun will go on shine besides
Leafs are falling with their sadness,
There’s a light beyond the darkness!

5.If the danger may seem near
Love will make it go your fear.
There’s a reason for things all
There’s a key hidden in your soul!

Crazy dreamers

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