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News (IT seminar workshop)

1)  How to be in maximum shape at work.

Anchor 1: Studies show that a good night sleep, sport activities and healty meals can improve your work efficiency.

Anchor 2: The Romanian workers still wonder way they  need to be efficient at work.

2) Strike at Carlsberg Copenhagen

A1: The workers from the Copenhagen branch of Carlsberg are in strike because a council decision to limit the beers that a worker can drink in the working hours. The president of the company declared that they decided that a worker is allowed to drink only 3 beers and only in the lunch break.

A2: The president of the syndicate, is trying to obtain a limit of about 7 beers/day for factory workers, and a 5 beers/day for drivers.

A1: From about 800 strikers on Wednesday, today remains only 250.

A2: The rest are at the local bar, trying to fulfill the syndical requirements in the free time.

3) Requalification training for unemployed

A1: The Romanian govern allocated 10 millions of euro for requalification of the unemployed.

A2: The field in which the unemployers will be trained are spatar, paharnic, stone tools manufacturer.

4) Viagra for woman

A1: The movement for the women rights achieved success in the research for a feminine version of the men Viagra.

A2: The association for the men rights announced progress in men pregnancy.

5) Friedrich Newman Foundation Seminar

Today began the seminar for Political Communications in the IT age organized by the Friedrich Newman Foundation in Bucharest. The seminar will last for three days and the participants will learn about social media, and how to send a message with the help of a blog, podcaster or a facebook account.

News by Chiperi Liviu. The news are part of a project of the News work-group at the „Political Communications in the IT age”. Seminar hosted by Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

The news are real news but with some ironic phrases included.

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